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Camo Guitar - Neck Gaiter / Mask

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The Camo Guitar Neck Gaiter Is Exactly That - Neck Gaiter Sporting Camouflage Designed With Electric Guitars.

  • A comfortable neck gaiter sporting a guitar-camouflage design.
  • Made from 95% polyester, 5% elastane.
  • Fabric weight: 6.19 oz/yd² (210 g/m²), weight may vary by 5%.
  • Breathable, comfortable fabric.
  • Fabric that stretches and recovers on the cross and lengthwise grains. Four way stretching fabric.
  • Is completely washable and reusable.
  • Front side sports the print, back side is blank.
  • One size fits all.

The Camo Guitar Neck Gaiter comes with a fabulous design that melds the best of both worlds - the guitar and militaristic camouflage.

Wear it to the gym as a wristband, take it for a run as a neck gaiter to wipe off that sweat post your run, or ride with it on your bike to shield you from dirt, and air. You can use the Camo Guitar Neck Gaiter as a face covering, headband, wristband, balaclava, and neck warmer. You can even wear it as a substitute beanie. It is a great multi-functional product, designed and made with love for you.

The Camo Guitar Neck Gaiter is reusable and washable. Made with breathable fabric with a four-way stretch. This allows the Camo Guitar Neck Gaiter to stretch and recover. Stretch and recover crosswise as well as lengthwise. The print covers the front side. The backside is blank. One size fits all.

Although not a mask, you can use The Camo Guitar Neck Gaiter as one. Do note though, that this product is an accessory and not a medical device or other medical product. This product is not of use as a replacement for conventional masks, and approved personal protective equipment; including surgical masks or respirators. CDC suggests wearing face cloth coverings when it becomes difficult to maintain social distancing. This is to protect others in the event you are infectious but do not show symptoms. Please follow other protective measures as well. Also, pay close attention to the latest recommendations from public health officials and the CDC.