The Story of Odd Curiosity™

Odd Curiosity™ started with a wild curiosity of and about everything Photography. From being shutter-happy-go-lucky to learning the in and outs of making Photographs, vintage cameras, DSLRs, mirror-less cameras.  It has been a journey, an adventure of pure child-like curiosity filled bliss. Even today, it feels as new as when I picked up my first camera to shoot something for the first time.

Photography is something that has become a part of me, from the day I started making photographs. Now, it is blooming into digital compositions and photographic art. Over these years, I have made a lot of photographs, compositions, and photographic art. As I went on making these, a desire and need persisted within. The ones that I'd made and those I'll be making should be more than just something inside a frame or more than just stock sold on third party stock selling services. This need and desire to use the photographs, compositions, and photographic art onto something more tangible is what gave birth to OddCuriosity™.com.

OddCuriosity™.com is a clothes, accessories, apparel and lifestyle shop. Here we sell various products made from the photographs, compositions, photographic art, and other graphics/illustrations/etc. made by Manoj and other Artists, Photographers, and Creatives.

Why Clothes, Apparel and Accessories?

"vestis virum facit" Collectanea Adagiorum, Erasmus

From Homer to Shakespeare to Mark Twain and other philosophers and authors, there's one proverbial statement that seems to find much common ground, i.e. "Clothes Maketh the Man". None of these authors and philosophers lightens the implications of the proverb, and all of them believe it to be true for the respective civilized societies they were and are a part of. Thus if clothes maketh the Man, and Man wears these clothes because of Society then these clothes should also portray the beauty or the lack thereof, of everything around us. Additionally, the clothes, apparel, and accessories here on OddCuriosity™.com do look great, feel great, and make you feel great, if I may say so. So, why not?

There are various other reasons and loves interwoven with photography, compositions and photographic art that I pursue to create the clothes, apparel and accessories here on OddCuriosity™.com.

OddCuriosity™.com is an online shop where I sell clothes, apparel and accessories online made and borne out of the reasons, loves and pursuit of all things.

Currently, OddCuriosity™.com's team consist of Manoj Sachwani from and and two staff members. We handle everything from marketing to customer relations. If you did like to get in touch, you could shoot off an email to or fill up this form.

Thank You.

— Manoj Sachwani,