Skater Dresses

A short dress with a skirt that flares into an A-line shape and comes with a fitted waist is what a Skater Dress is. Skater Dresses came into being after being inspired by figure skaters who traditionally wore a fitted dress on top of a flared skirt at the bottom. Skater Dresses are versatile. Skater Dresses are worn as an everyday outfit, summer dresses paired with heels for those perfect night outs. They are paired with sneakers for more casual wear or with a leather jacket for more oomph. Skater Dresses can be paired with traditional or yoga leggings for those workouts or can be worn for wedding occasions while being paired with appropriate jewellery and accessories, they are even paired with statement heels to make you look more formal, and knockout that meeting. Skater Dresses cast a fashion line out to reel in that attention and make you feel special.