How to buy a super awesome wallet that you will use

How to buy a super awesome wallet that you will use

Wallets are meant to be simple in design, and easy to carry. In one word, wallets are meant to be Elegant, for me.  Simple and easy to use wallets make it simple and easy to use them for transactions. There should be a standard for wallets, for example, most wallets that are elegant can be used for many occasions and can be matched up to the clothes we wear - this from my point of view. What is the point of considering a match between clothes and wallets you may ask? Well, we do not like changing our wallets much now do we? Keeping the same wallet on our persons, while wearing different clothes, for years on years. They'd have to match! The kind of wallet we use says a lot about our personality and ideal preferences in life. It is an indicator of our personalities, even an extension of it. Thus, it becomes imperative to choose the best wallet that suits us, because it is going to be used for years, and because it is an extension of our personality.

Before choosing a wallet, you should make a note of their preferences. E.g., Oversized wallets are a big NO for me. Oversized wallets create a bulge on my bum.  Wallets that have too many compartments are a big no-no form me. I like my wallets to be slim and light; it becomes easier to carry them with me. When I invest in a wallet, I do not end up thinking about what I am going to put in there. It is already known that a wallet is for carrying cards, bills, and coins. Then again a slim wallet will not be able to handle coins, and that is perfect for someone like I who doesn't like the heaviness of collected coins. Not to forget the ching-ching noise they create. Thus before looking for one, I already know out of certainty that I will not be buying a wallet that will be able to carry coins but will be investing in one that can carry bills, and cards effortlessly.  

Knowing our preferences while buying a wallet beforehand goes a long way. For e.g deciding if you need a wallet that can carry lots of credit cards, photos, and bills then this would point towards a Trifold Wallet. Trifold Wallets have a lot of slots for credit cards, some slotted, transparent compartments for photos, and huge amounts of space for bills. Similarly, a money clip holder will only be able to carry bills, if you did like to omit the cards and the coins. You get the point.

Trifold Wallets |
Trifold Wallets

Let us talk about the materials with which these wallets are made of. Materials do inspire a sense of style, status, and feel. This is also true for the materials with which the wallet is made up of. For example, a Leather Wallet or Classic Wallets, feel great after a certain time has passed. Leather wallets are ones that last long, feel great and are generally affiliated with higher status or choice. Most affordable wallets are made up of a combination of materials, like polyester, nylon, resin, canvas, and paper (yes, paper). It is good to experiment with wallets made from different materials, and then finally be able to decide which one suits you the most.

Classic Leather Wallets | Buy Wallets Online
Classic Leather Wallets

Considering that changing a wallet often is not feasible to many of us, usability is of the at most importance. Buying a good quality wallet, one that will fulfill our requirements and last long is a must. Most wallets cost anywhere from $5 to $1000+. If you are someone who likes to change wallets frequently, then it would be better to stick to the former part of the cost spectrum. Thus buying a wallet also depends on your lifestyle choices.

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Classic Leather Wallets

Color, again, is something we can leave out of this. The darker the color the better the wallet will harmonize with its surroundings or at the least, that is what I think. Dark colors are great for formal and informal setups.  Lighter colors for wallets are better for darker surroundings. Lightly colored or fluorescent colored wallets may be good for emergencies, making a statement or just being playful.

In recent years, some wallets have been known to be more technologically adapted. These contain technology like RFID blockers which disables tech thieves from reading credit card or card-based details. Usually, these wallets cost a little more, but they offer peace of mind to some who would want that.

Keeping in mind these and some other factors, there's a wide variety of wallets available in the market. Since wide and wider ranges of wallets are available, there is one that is bound to be something you can use every day.

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