How Many Useful Wallet Types Exist For Men & Which One Should You Ultimately Choose?

How Many Useful Wallet Types Exist For Men & Which One Should You Ultimately Choose?

Men's wallets are made in different shapes and sizes. There are wallets available for men in all shapes and forms, made from various materials, and coated in different colors. These wallets are usually designed with or without distinct applications in mind. Numerous wallet types for men exist. With so much choice, it is only natural to be confused about the various types of wallets you can invest in. We thought it did be useful to create a list of available, different, practical wallet types for men.

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Here's a simple list of wallet types that can help you with your wallet buying:

1. Bifold Wallets:

Bifold wallets are what anyone and everyone usually pictures in their heads when they think of wallets. Rightly so, because they may be the most-used type or kind of wallet. Bifold or Bilfold or Billfold wallets are simple in their design. They are also versatile and comfortable enough to be your everyday carry. Bifold Wallets have a structure with a flap, which you flip open to access the goodies inside. Bifold wallets are also the most popular type of wallets out there, maybe because their design is so structured and/or because they may be one of the slimmest kind of wallets barring Slim wallets & slim hybrids. Though the more you stuff in Bifold wallets, the more they bloat.

Bifold Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets OnlineBifold Wallets

2. Trifold Wallets

The Trifold wallet is similar to the Bifold wallet with the difference being that an additional 'flap' is now added to the structure of the wallet. In which case you would, likely, have to lift two 'flaps' to access everything inside your Trifold wallet. Although most of the Trifold wallets are not quite convenient for quick access, all Trifold wallets can afford to stock a lot more than Bifold wallets. These do have more compartments to better organize your cash, card, and coins along with maybe a smartphone. Trifold wallets are also used as much as Bifold wallets and are a standard sight concerning older men. The only downside to owning a Trifold wallet is that they do tend bulge with over-stuffing, as time goes by. So sitting down with one in your back pocket may be inconvenient and may change the form of your trousers making them look weird. Trifold wallets may even be responsible for a tear or two in the back-pocket areas. Though regularly cleaning them would make this a non-issue.

Trifold Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets OnlineTrifold Wallets

3. Slim Wallets & Hybrid Slims:

Slim wallets have been around for at the least the last decade. Slim wallets have come a long way concerning the improvements built upon their design. Slim wallets are becoming popular with a lot of men, because of their minimalist design. Most Slim wallets house only a few slots for cards and cash but do not let that hold you back. Carrying cash with Slim wallets is a bit of an issue. But, if you do not use much of cash, and are using mostly cards anyways, then the Slim wallet is the way to go. The design structure of Slim wallets is usually flat, and very low profile. Many of these wallets are made with materials like Poly-carbonates, Titanium, Plastics, and Paper. There are variations in their structural design too. Some Slim wallets don a Bifold style, some no-fold style, some are made to look like small cases, and so on. A Hybrid Slim wallet is a Slim wallet whose design structure overlaps with other types of men's wallets or when it is made with multiple materials. Slim wallets or Hybrid Slims, both are designed to be slim, and flat. Their design structures need to be able to keep your essentials secure without offering much on the organization front. Many consider the Slim wallet to be a "newbie" wallet. Though many refuse to give up on its minimalist design, low profile, and the convenience these wallets afford them. Slim wallets can be stowed away in any of your pockets. If you do not like carrying much on you and are a minimalist then Slim wallets are for you!

 Slim Wallets for Men - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for MenSlim Wallets & Slim Hybrids

4. Money Clip Wallets:

The money clip is a widely used, minimalist type of wallet. History wise, it is said that the Money Clip wallet was derived from ancient Mesopotamian draft organizers. It dates back to about 323 BCE. A similar sort of "clip" was used in Japan until 300 CE for documents that detailed rice storage. More accurately though, it would be better to say that the Money Clip wallet is very closely related to a paper clip. Because a Money clip wallet's and a paper clip's function is to secure papers or cards or thin documents with the help of a metal clasp. Thus a Money Clip wallet is a wallet that is used to store and secure cash and cards in a very minimalistic fashion. The Money Clip wallet is a great wallet for frugal or stoic men. Men who prefer minimalist lifestyles and love being bare-bones with what they carry on themselves. Today, there are a variety of innovative and creative designs that money clips are manufactured with. Also, all sorts of materials are used in the manufacture of money clips today - from metal to paper. If you have started using digital payments like Apple Pay, etc. as your primary market exchange, then it simply makes more sense to carry a money clip than not.

 Money Clip Wallets - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for MenMoney Clip Wallets

5. Front Pocket Wallets:

Front pocket wallets are made and designed to be slim. They are made to fit the cut of your rounded front pocket. The idea is that the back pocket wallets like the Bifold wallets or the Trifold wallets are a nuisance to sit on. This is true if they're overstuffed and have not been cleaned out. The back pocket wallets also tend to create a bulge and often the friction between the wallet and your back pocket can cause the material of your pants to wear faster. Thus Front Pocket wallets as the name suggests, reside in your shirts or trousers or pants front pocket. That means this wallet is designed to allow you to sit down comfortably. And there is no need to either remove your back wallet while sitting down or going through the pain the bulge causes when you sit down without taking them out. A good Front Pocket wallet design allows you to carry them without distorting the front pocket of your shirt. It should look seamless, streamlined and not bulge out. A Front Pocket wallet will also mitigate pickpockets since the first place they try to pick is the back pocket of your jeans or trousers. Additionally, many Front Pocket wallets are also RFID blockers, this further prevents electronic pick-pocketing. Front pocket wallets allow you to carry cash, and cards first and foremost, but some allow you the space to carry some of your coins too.

Front Pocket Wallets for Men - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for MenFront Pocket Wallets


6. Checkbook Wallet AKA Breast Pocket Wallet:

Checkbook wallets or Breast pocket wallets are designed and made to be rectangularly long. Checkbook wallets, as the name suggests, are meant to carry your checkbooks along with your cards, coin and cash with you. You can comfortably slip them in the breast pocket of your coat. If your workday involves using checkbooks, a Breast Pocket wallet or a Checkbook wallet is the way to go. It is by far the best way to secure your checkbook on you, along with your cash, card and coins. Checkbook wallets A.K.A  Breast pocket wallets come in various designs, colors, and are made of varied materials. Some designs are more unique than others, and often give out the feel of superiority compared to the lesser mortals around you. Though these wallets have the word "checkbook" attached to their name type, these wallets were originally crafted for travelers. They were made to carry a big stack of cash, along with other documents, a checkbook, passports etc. Thus making Checkbook wallets or Breast Pocket wallets more capacious and versatile than any other. Checkbook wallets are still used today by many, especially in European countries because of their versatility. A Checkbook wallet or a Breast Pocket wallet also makes for a generous gift for men who often sport jackets, coats, and suits.

Checkbook Wallets for Men - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for MenCheckbook Wallets 

7. Coin Wallets with Card Slots A.K.A Coin and Card Holders:

Coin wallets with Card slots A.K.A Coin and Cardholders are, as the name suggests, used for storing more coins along with cards. These wallets are more useful in countries with a lot of their currency being coin denominated or places where coins are used more frequently. For .e.g. in Japan or a country in the EU. Most Coin wallets or coin and card wallets have a zippered compartment or pouch where your coin would be securely and safely stored. These prevent from stuff falling off, etc. Some coin and cardholders are also used as regular, maybe slim, wallets. Coin wallets come with the downside that they are often made bulky than other wallets because of coins, and only get bulkier as you keep stowing coins in them. Though there are some design of the coin and cardholders that are slim, many are structure in ways that reduce the bulkiness, and some plain Coin wallets come as key-chains too.

 Coin and Card Holders - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for MenCoin and Card Holders

8.  Travel Wallet:

Travel wallets are meant for those who frequently travel or are going to travel. Travel wallets are longer and have large storage capacities. Well, they did have to have that. Travel wallets store your passport(s), documents like your tickets and bookings, different kind of currencies, phone SIM cards, coins, and your bank cards. All your eggs in one basket may make you sweaty but fear not. Today, Travel wallets that focus on specific storage requirements are available for .e.g. Passport holders that only stow away your passport(s), neck Travel wallets or belt wallets that securely hide your cash.  Some belt Travel wallets come with more zippered compartments on the insides which can store more than your cash. Usually having Travel wallet on standby is a good idea, it will definitely come in hand for that next trip.

 Travel Wallets for Men - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for Men  Travel Wallets

9. Chain Wallet:

Chain wallets, you guessed it right, are wallets that come with chains attached to them. The chain is connected to one or two corners of the wallet. The other end of this chain is attached to the belt hook or the hook of your pants or trousers. Chain wallets or Biker wallets tend to be slimmer in comparison to Breast Pocket wallets or Travel wallets. Chain Wallets, however, are as long as Breast Pocket wallets or Travel wallets. Many believe Chain wallet to be uncool, unprofessional, and gaudy but do not let that fool you. Biker wallets or Chain wallets are mostly premium wallets. The majority of them are handcrafted out of premium leather and the chain affords important benefits and uses. The chain on the chain or biker wallet acts as a strong, short link to the wallet itself and is indispensable to bikers. It keeps your wallet safely attached to you, and in place all day, every day. This affords a sense of security for the biker, particularly during long rides. Biker wallets or Chain wallet are regarded as a mainstream fashion article for bikers. Even celebrities like Lil Wayne and Linkin Park have sported wearing Chain wallet. Although a fashion accessory for bikers, Chain wallet can be worn by others on various occasions. You can use them as Travel wallets too. The chain to hook up the wallet to your jeans or trousers, wards off pick-pocketing attempts. Chain wallets or Biker wallets are definitely something to own, at the least once in your lifetime.

Biker Wallets for Men  - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for Men Chain Wallets A.K.A Biker Wallets

10. Long Wallets:

Long wallets are wallets that are longer than your basic, standard Bifold wallets or Trifold wallets. They are lengthier than the other wallets and are often promoted as premium fashion accessories for men. Long wallets are usually handcrafted out of genuine leather. Most Long wallets serve a specific purpose for e.g. Checkbook wallets are wallets that help you carry your checkbook with you, Travel wallets let you carry your passports, documents, cash, coin, cards, and even your smartphone. Checkbook wallets, Travel wallets and Biker or Chain wallets are all categorized as Long wallets. These wallets fit comfortably in the internal pockets of your suit, jackets and coats. Or like in the case of Biker Wallets, Long wallets with chains would attach to your pants or trousers. Long wallets come with high carrying capacity.  They have a lot of room for your usage.

 Long Wallets for Men - Wallets for Men | Buy Wallets Online - Different types of Wallets for MenLong Wallets

Awesome Infographic on Types of Wallets for Men.

Walleting it up:

We hope this would have given you some idea on how to choose your next wallet. If you are still in doubt, then we did recommend choosing a wallet type that you haven't used before. This will give you an idea of comparison between a type that you have used before, and the new type that you haven't. Please do take some time to subscribe to our newsletter. Once you subscribe you get a discount of 30% off store-wide on your first purchase. We only send you an email with the content covering our promotions, new products and sales. We hate spam as much as you do, and we will never spam your inbox. We do not share your email address with any third parties and we do respect yours and our privacy.


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