3 Designer Wallets That Are Superbly Crafted With Real Genuine Leather, for Men

3 Designer Wallets That Are Superbly Crafted With Real Genuine Leather, for Men

Wallets, it is they we cherish. We love some wallets more than others. We may choose one wallet or another depending upon our predispositions towards our awareness of our likenesses, life ideals, and goals. Precisely the reason why this post on 3 designer wallets for men that we know are all-rounders. We guarantee that these beautifully crafted, genuine leather wallets for men are good looking, accomplish much in terms of functionality and aesthetics, and are totally affordable.

3 Superbly Crafted Designer Wallets for Men, Made With Genuine Leather:

1.  Our first contender is a minimalist, a mini wallet that appeals to men’s hipster-istic tendencies is super lightweight, artistically crafted, and gets the job done. It is true that it does not bother with too many compartment or slots, but it does have enough to carry your cards, cash and maybe more than a couple of your coins with enough style to overcome its handicap. This genuine leather wallet for men is an everyday carry that oozes style, grace, and minimalism while the leather is softly perfect to the touch. And since this minimalist designer wallet for men is made from genuine leather, it goes well said that this wallet will only get better and more refined with time. Price: 17.99USD. Buy this Wallet.

2 . A handmade, designer shorty is our second contender. This minimalist wallet for men is handcrafted using genuine cowhide leather and is pillow-shaped. The tiny, designer wallet comes with multiple compartments that can carry most of your cards, all of your cash, and some of your precious coin. That along with your IDs, license, etc. This designer wallet for men made with genuine leather comes in 5+ colors and is tanned with vegetable oil. This wallet can be used by women too. Price: 45.99USD.
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Mini, Short, Handmade Genuine Leather Wallet for Men & Women
Handmade, Genuine Leather Designer Wallet for Men. Reminds me of Mini-me.

3 . Here’s our handmade, genuine soft leather wallet third contender. This quality wallet is a trifold wallet for men and is extremely capacious. This designer trifold wallet has a ton of slots, two zippered compartments out of which one is to be used for your personal coin collection, photo holders for your precious memories or driving license, etc. This soft leather wallet has multiple sections for carrying your stacks of cash, and this genuine leather, the handmade wallet will do so easily. The wallet boasts of superb quality and is a pleasure to hold and behold. It can carry whatever you can throw at it. Price: 42.99USD. Buy this wallet.


Walleting it up:

These 3 Designer wallets here are what we found to do a great job while looking good at the same time. We will back soon with more wallet-y posts that will definitely help you choose your next wallet. In the meantime why not subscribe to our newsletter? Once you subscribe you get a discount of 30% off storewide on your first purchase. We only send you an email with the content covering our promotions, new products and sales. We hate spam as much as you do, and we will never spam your inbox. We do not share your email address with any third parties and we do respect yours and our privacy.

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